Sarah Dunton - Artist



The inspiration for my work comes from my beautiful surroundings. The Highlands has been my main source of motivation since moving to the Black Isle in 2006.  The old fishing villages, landscapes and coast provide an endless source of fascination and I have found much to inspire me within the area which is renowned for its wild beauty.

I am originally from rural Paddock Wood in Kent; romantically known as the ‘Garden of England’ and I have been passionate about art and craft from a very young age.  I started my business Laverock Arts and Crafts in 2009 but decided a rebrand was to simply be Sarah Dunton Artist.  As a self-taught artist who loves life and the outdoors, I have spent time experimenting and exploring different mediums and art styles.  In recent years, I have focused on my bold characteristic use of colour to produce instantly recognisable work.

I am constantly looking to reinterpret the landscape and find my unique direction. Ultimately, it is the light and colours which drives, excites and inspires me.  I try to capture the ambience and character of the landscape with enhanced colours to accentuate the effortless natural splendour of my theme.  I also love to paint animals and birds and have adapted my use of colour to enliven my subjects to produce bright and colourful works of art for all to enjoy.

I have exhibited my work in many galleries across the Highlands of Scotland and I regularly accept commissions and love to create beautiful paintings to my client's specifications.  I hope you love my work too and thank you for looking.




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