Fyrish Monument and the Cromarty Firth



The Fyrish Monument near Alness, Easter Ross can be seen for miles around and stands on Fyrish Hill as testiment to the Highland clearances.  It was built in 1782 on the orders of Sir Hector Munro. As the local population were being cleared off the land they had worked for centuries by the Lords of the Land, survival was a problem and so on Munro's order the monument was built to keep the locals in labour. It was said that Sir Hector rolled stones from the top of the hill to the bottom, thereby extending the amount of time worked and paying the labourers for additional hours!

My original painting of Fyrish Monument and the Croamrty Firth is 12" x 8" in acrylic.

Frame: Mounted and framed in a beautiful rustic wood effect  16" x 20" frame

With signed authenticity certificate

Available from The Storehouse, Foulis



All prices include postage within the UK

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